Manufacturers Can Save Money by Going Virtual

A superficial glance at the benefits of virtual working may lead you to conclude it is only useful for the services sector. Well you would be wrong.

It is possible for companies in the manufacturing industry to save money going to a virtual office system. A recent story in the Guardian newspaper featured a Nozzle manufacturer saving around £50,000 by going virtual.

They decided to grow their business by embracing cloud computing and encouraging home based working. They use their website as the main marketing tool and ensure calls are answered by humans rather than telephone options.

Of course the basis of their virtual office is allowing employees to connect to their server using a virtual private network. This approach is employed by Infiniti Cloud Solutions, who have worked with Universities, Lawyers and the Oil and Gas industries setting up virtual working platforms.

Any company can benefit from virtual working, especially when growing and expanding. It allows expansion without the high overheads often encountered.