Superfast Broadband down your Phone Line

For years the limitation on broadband speeds has been the copper phone line going into your home. There was no way of obtaining superfast speeds without using fibre-optic cables. This is expensive but is being rolled out gradually across the country. But rural areas are missing out. It's too expensive to lay the fibre-optic cable so they struggle with slow dial up.

That could change however. Engineers and scientists working at Bell Labs in Belgium have apparently achieved broadband speeds of 10GB per second down copper wires. This is as fast as the best fibre-optic can achieve.

This research is at an early stage and is not yet the answer. They only used 30m of copper phone line but having established it is possible to achieve these speeds hopefully further research will refine the technique for longer wires.

Advances like this are needed for virtual working to become well established. It will change the way companies operate and Infiniti cloud Solutions, as experts in the field, are at the forefront.