Virtual Working For Lawyers

virtual working for lawyers

The financial problems of the last few years hit virtually all sectors of the economy including the service sector. It also created an opportunity for many to look into and instigate a virtual office environment. Lawyers were one of the first who started to seriously into what they termed a dispersed law firm. The Law Gazette describes the process and structure needed for a virtual firm.

The factors to be considered are equal but to some extent opposite. Solicitors want to save money and be flexible but have a good support and infrastructure. Clients want better service at a reduced cost. Virtual working offers both what they want. Better overheads and efficiencies with the benefits of a large law office as well.

However even a virtual office needs a structure and organisation. Ensuring this is correctly organised is vital to client satisfaction and keeping costs down. Infiniti Cloud Solutions have the expertise for safe remote working.

For example, clients want advice straight from the horses mouth, not trainees and juniors, paralegals can do lower level work and head office can be reduced in size. So expect more solicitors to move to the virtual working model over the next few years.