Virtual Working is the Future - Government Forecast Says

Since the great technological advances started in the 1960s, the idea of being able to use computers and work from home has almost been like the holy grail. Every futureologist has to include it in their vision of our life to be.

Despite all the predictions it still hasn't arrived yet. But a recent report from the United Kingdom Commission for Employment and Skills suggests this will be commonplace by 2030.

They have looked at the trends of the last few years and extrapolated them forwards. The obvious biggest trend they considered is the rapid increase in mobile access to the internet with both tablets and smartphones. Of course to achieve anything like this hope there has to be wide access to super fast broadband.

This enables people work from anywhere and removes the need to be in the office. Clearly this is a major change in practice but if embraced will be very cost effective for businesses.

Ensuring staff has access to the data they need while maintaining security is the main priority. This means a secure remote solution with the best virtual desktop platform. Experts like Infiniti cloud solutions can set them up and boost productivity.