cloud computing

£100 Million Cloud IT Services Contract

cloud computing

There has been a steady move towards mobile working to increase efficiency, flexibility and access, whilst reducing costs. Cloud computing changes are making it easier than ever and Infiniti Cloud Solutions are at the forefront.

The recent announcement of a £100 cloud computing tender process by Norfolk County Council is a major indication of the public sector embracing the new technology. They have adopted cloud based Google apps in their education system that has 148,000 registered users.

Virtual Working is the Future - Government Forecast Says

Since the great technological advances started in the 1960s, the idea of being able to use computers and work from home has almost been like the holy grail. Every futureologist has to include it in their vision of our life to be.

Despite all the predictions it still hasn't arrived yet. But a recent report from the United Kingdom Commission for Employment and Skills suggests this will be commonplace by 2030.

Manufacturers Can Save Money by Going Virtual

A superficial glance at the benefits of virtual working may lead you to conclude it is only useful for the services sector. Well you would be wrong.

It is possible for companies in the manufacturing industry to save money going to a virtual office system. A recent story in the Guardian newspaper featured a Nozzle manufacturer saving around £50,000 by going virtual.

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